100 Black Men of Tulsa Membership Requirements

To participate in 100 BMOT activities, members must be in good standing to participate.

 Members in Good Standing

1)  New members must have the recommendation of a member in good standing.


2)  All members must pass a background check to work in the mentoring program.


3)  All members must have a receipt or recorded payment of annual dues.


4)  All members will receive a membership card , lapel pin,tee shirts and bylaws within 30 days.


5)  All members are encouraged to purchase 2 polo shirts (within 3 months)and 1 black blazer with embroidered logo (within 6 months).


6)  All members must sign a code of ethics.


7)  All voting proxy’s must be authenticated by the membership committee.


8)  All members are encouraged to serve on one committee participating in 75% of the activities and meetings.


9)  All members are encouraged to participate in annual fundraising events.


10) All members are encouraged to participate in recruiting members and promoting the organization.


11) All members are encouraged to participate in a  minimum of 75% of the meetings during a calendar year. This includes special call and emergent meetings. 

12)  Membership dues are $135.


13) Half of dues are required for voting proxy's.   


14) Payment of dues  are do by third month after joining organization.