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From Sean Alexander Account Executive for the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) Tulsa Shock.


    Growing up as an a inner city black male, from a low-come neighborhood in Chicago, I understand the troubles our youth may go through. Sometimes, it felt as if the world was against me and all I could do was wrong. (even if I was right) Lucky enough, I had a few who supported me so much, despite my faults, helped correct my wrongs, and told me believe that no weapons formed against me shall prosper. I commend your organization. "100 Black Men of America: Tulsa" give our youth that same hope. You are that encouraging voice and driving force that motivates our communities to WANT to do and BE better. Also, now they know, we in fact DO care about them and their lives DO matter. All in all, your program is amazing.

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A Special Thanks to Frank Davis


  Views from Frank Davis

   (Initial designer of 100BMOT Website)

So I have been asked "What are you doing that for"? In reference to building a website for 100 Blackmen of Tulsa, well I really shock them when I say I do not charge for it.  Then when I start to list my reasons I find that people just do not want to hear all of that, so I find it funny they asked in the first place. We’ll let us be real they are only asking because Yup you guessed it I am white. Now what is a white man in his 50's building a website for 100 Blackmen of Tulsa? Let me explain as it really is not that hard to figure out. This group of hard working Americans whom happen to be of a rich color they call black, have banded together to help the youth in their community by getting involved everyday with no monetary rewards, not asking for anything but maybe a thank you. These great people of Tulsa have decided they want to be involved with the young people in their community, to help them grow and prosper and to be successful individuals. So my question is why wouldn’t I get involved? Why would I not help my community? Yes it is my community these are my neighbors. Oh wait a minute now, but they are BLACK, ya so what? You see my problem is simply that I do not see color as a problem as I am most fascinated by color, not just black but all people, once you can appreciate another human being for what they are you will find to live a much richer life, and you might (If you’re lucky) make some really great friends along the way.


Art Linkletter once asked a child what is prejudice? This young child answered "I Think it is when someone is sick" it was a very rewarding lesson when I was very young and has stuck with me all of my life and I really find that statement to be true.


So I help my fellow neighbor because it is the right thing to do.


There was a facebook post on 100 Blackmen of Tulsa nd it was a white woman that said the stupidest thing "Why not just 100 Men" well my answer to that is simple because it was decided to call it 100 Blackmen, because 100 Blackmen decided to do something in their community that’s why its called 100 Blackmen.  Now anyone that would like to get involved with the community is free to do so and with that they can call that group or whatever 100 men if they like but if you ask me it is just not that descriptive.  She went on to say that if it was called 100 men then we might get a few billionaires here in Oklahoma to throw in and help out, because they are all white. Wow I thought that is a very powerful statement about our Billionaires in the great state of Oklahoma as what she is stating that if it’s called 100 Blackmen of Tulsa then there is just no way they will throw in and help their community?


So here is my challenge to anyone that has money to donate please do so without prejudice as 100 blackmen of Tulsa are making a difference in the great youth of our future.


Frank Davis