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The Basketball Program

Athleticism, competition, and fitness are key components to the development of young men. 

The Basketball Program is geared toward empowering youth in each of these areas. It combines the skill, fun, and competitiveness of basketball, with the dedication, care, and intentionality of mentors and program coordinators to create an experience where children have access to numerous opportunities, recreational activities, and mentorship.


The Tulsa Dream Center spearheaded this initiative with their youth league and continues to provide support by assisting with funding, facilities, and referees. 100BMOT has since has partnered with the Tulsa Dream Center and for the last seven years, has been apart of helping to make this program a success through the provision of mentors, jerseys, and other necessities. 

How It Works

Program participants have weekly grade and attitude assessments done every Friday; if the assessment proves satisfactory, the children are rewarded by being allowed to play in the program.


The process is simple, children are signed up, they begin to practice and play one game per week, at the end of an 8 game season they participate in a playoff. There are two different basketball programs that together accommodate elementary through high school-aged children and even one-year post-high school.

The elementary and middle school program takes place during the school year while highschool and beyond takes place during the summer months. 


Every year a mentoring curriculum is created by a BMOT mentor and serves as a key facilitator in ensuring that program participants receive the maximum benefits from the program. Currently, there is a nine-month mentoring program for the school year

Program Eligibility 

To participate in the program, children must attend a school where there is a BMOT mentor present. There are no location requirements outside of residing in the Tulsa area.

Benefits of The Basketball Program

There are a host of benefits that participants get to enjoy, including:

Direct mentorship

Numberous recreational activities (i.e attending football games)

✓ College campus visits

✓ Additional sports programs

✓ Financial Literacy (High school and Beyond)

✓ College Preparation (High school and Beyond)

✓ Job Preparation (High school and Beyond)

Schools Currently Involved

Unity Elementary


John Hope Franklin (old Gilcrease)



Central MS/HS (7th and 9th)





*Fall seasons runs November -January

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